Hops Growers Survey

posted Sep 22, 2014, 3:41 PM by Devon Kistler
Dear Virginia hop grower,

Virginia Cooperative Extension is dedicated to serving each agricultural industry, and we have recently worked to increase our university support to hops producers. We wish to assess industry scope to provide you, the growers, with valuable information, and to accomplish this we have sent you the attached survey. What will we do with this information? The completely anonymous results will be compiled and released back to anyone in the industry who wishes to view them. This survey will help us get a better picture of the total amount of hops in the state, the maturity of the industry, and the challenges affecting you. This information will be incredibly helpful for shedding light on the size of the industry and justifying the need for time, attention, and research aimed at improving the crop and supporting new and established Virginia hops growers.

Whether you are a new grower, a small grower, or a commercial operation, we would appreciate your time filling out this survey about hops in Virginia:https://jfe.qualtrics.com/form/SV_cZuXD9egKD0lYdT

 Once again, we will compile and share the results fairly and equally to any interested growers and grower groups in Virginia but the survey results will remain anonymous. If you have questions OR if you would like assistance networking with growers in your area or finding your county Extension agent I would love to speak with you. Please see the attached page for a list of Extension services and resources available to hops growers. Thank you for your time. Below, you will also see some notes about Extension resources available to hop growers. 

Laura Siegle
Virginia Cooperative Extension - Amelia County
Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent
(804) 561-2481
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