Piedmont Hops in Richmond BizSense

posted Dec 29, 2013, 5:11 PM by Devon Kistler   [ updated Dec 29, 2013, 5:34 PM ]

Startup is hopped up on beer ingredient

Piedmont Hops co-founder David Goode shows a hop plant in its early stage.

Piedmont Hops co-founder David Goode shows off an early-stage hop plant.

A startup is taking root on a century-old blueberry farm in southern Chesterfield to help supply the growing craft beer industry.

Piedmont Hops, a year-old company that grows and sells the ingredient that gives beer its distinct flavor and bitterness, aims to get locally grown hops into homemade and craft brews in Virginia and North Carolina.

“We won’t be able to grow enough hops to supply a brewery with what they need for a house brew,” said co-founder David Goode. “We’re going after the seasonal, niche brews. We’re committed to making this as successful as we can on a small scale.”

Goode oversees the company’s quarter-acre hops plot on a farm south of Chesterfield, and his partner Steve Brown runs a smaller operation in Chapel Hill, N.C.